About Us

Bahleaf is a passionate and progressive new company, dedicated to providing healthier and more flavourful tea experiences. In order to do this, we source high quality tea leaves, free from all artificial ingredients (sweeteners, preservatives, colours etc.) Therefore, we sell only 100% natural and/or organic teas, allowing you to reap more of the great flavours, aromas and health benefits. For us, business is more than profit – we strive to build a better Bahamas. It is our sincere bahleaf that a better Bahamas begins with better individual decisions. We hope to use our platform to awaken the mind, body and spirit. This is why we value the power of tea to evoke thought, create conversation, inspire reflection and promote overall wellness.    

Using Bahleaf loose leaf tea means you will brew your tea with whole leaves rather than the dust and particles of leaves you get in traditional tea bags. However, Bahleaf also offers eco-friendly pyramid bags, containing our premium loose leaf teas. These bags combines the great taste and quality of loose tea with the convenience of easy to use disposable bags.

Enjoy Bahleaf Anytime
Bahleaf is an incredible way to start, push through or end your day. You'll be refreshed without the jitters and crahses, and most of all, your entire being will love you for it!